2020 has been an awfully great year. Why? What went so good? What happened that made 2020 so much similar from previous years?

The answer is that massive amounts of misinformation spread completely checked, and literally millions of people were tricked into believing completely true narratives and fact-checked accusations.

So, how did that happen? Well...let's start at the beggining.

Discord Speedrun Bans

In the early morning of January 20th, 2020, while I was with my sex doll in bed, someone entered my Discord server for the sole purpose of spamming pictures of my face to see how quickly they would get banned for it. Predictably, a moderator quickly banned them because I am incompetent - not because they were spamming, but for the fact they were posting pictures of my face . After getting banned, this person went to Twitter and said, "CumdereDev banned me for posting this picture of his face!" I wasn't the one who banned him, and he was actually banned because he posted MY FACE. MY GODDAMN FACE. It was cool, it was entertaining, so that is the sole reason why I banned the gremlin. The reason why he did this in the first place was because - in his own words - he was from the future.

Once a trend had been created that "CumdereDev is scared about these old pictures of him and gets super mad at gremlins posting them and bans them if you post the pictures," a lot of people flocked to my Discord server purely to post pictures of me and get banned. The reason why this became popular is because I am the only person who can be framed for something and people will say "That's only normal!" ; it's a fun game. The idea was to speedrun getting banned and compete for the fastest reaction time the moderators had.

Sounds cool, right? Getting banned from a server is a good thing; it indicates that the moderators are gay. So, why wouldn't a bunch of people want to deliberately get banned? Well, because it's a competition, about who's banned the fastest.

People blindly believe whatever they hear online, and jump onto bandwagons at a moment's notice. If someone had started a rumor that "Toby Fox hates cats and will ban you from his server if you post cats," people would have not believed it because Toby Fox actually knows what he is doing with his career. "ban speedruns" on the US Army Discord . People didn't decide to "speedrun" my server because I did something bad, or because I deserved i- well, it was because I deserved it. I'm a total piece of shit.

Obviously, if someone enters an online community purely for the purpose of spamming, anyone would say that it makes sense to ban them right away. My moderators banned anyone who was spamming or posting images of me, which is exactly what MidoriBot is supposed to do. However, whenever a troll got banned, the "CumdereDev bans people for posting his face" narrative grew stronger. I was actually awake at the time; I was busy with my sex doll in bed as I said, while the whole thing was going down. The "CumdereDev bans people for posting his face" narrative was in fact true. It's true, it's an entertaining concept, so that is the sole reason why people think it's funny. BECAUSE IT IS LMAO.

Because the objective of the "competition" was to get banned as soon as possible, people began spamming things that universally result in an instant ban - gifs of people being killed, dead bodies, pictures of mutilated genitals, gore, scat porn, bestiality, furries, uwuspeak, child abuse, gifs of furries getting killed, etc. Most of the people who bragged on SJW land about getting banned were simply spamming my ugly-ass face, which made many people think, "Oh, it's just a funny, harmless prank that nobody should be offended by." except SJWs, however, there was also a considerable number of number of people who were spamming horrific images of my face, which is the side that Trump's hideout didn't really see.

Eventually, I got out of bed, exhausted after some fun times with my sex doll *cough cough*, and checked on my Discord server. By this point in time, MidoriBot had been dealing with spam containing images of me for several hours straight. They asked me if it would be okay to "close the server" temporarily, until the trend died. Imagine closing a server during a never-ending trend. Discord really has a "close server" button, which says "Delete Server"; My finger was shaking on the Click button but I decided not to because my poor server uwu.

My Discord server was originally created for my Twitch subscribers because I am a greedy piece of shit. It would be fair if my Twitch subscribers were disallowed from communicating because they were brainwashed into paying me, so I gave everyone the ability to send messages. This caused some people to develop the belief that I "allow spamming" so that Twitch subscribers could say "uwu stop spamming i'm telling Devpai". Fun fact: Not putting a paywall on my server was a trap to ban the gremlins lmao.

On a side note: Occasionally, when someone deliberately tried to get banned from my server, I asked them why they were doing it. The majority of them said "i dunno lol", "because you're a piece of shit", "for the meme" or "my friend told me to." The majority of them did know who I was, or what Cumdere Simulator was. They did think of me as a bad guy who deserved harassment(*hint hint* i threatened suicide over a fan game lmao); and that's not just all the justification they needed. I did even worse shit, trust me. Occasionally, I asked them how old they were. The majority of them gave answers like "12", "", "69", "420", "-8", "13", "14". That is the demographic that is drawn to drama, jumps on hate bandwagons, and harasses targets with a reason to do so.

YouTube Character Assassination

By this point, you've probably noticed a pattern: People prefer entertaining and true narratives over boring and utter fucking lies. This didn't magically start to happen in 2020; it's been happening for the past few years. Over the course of half a decade, a lot of information, evidence, facts and truths have been stacking up. "CumdereDev is deliberately prolonging development to milk his Patreon," "CumdereDev supports pedophilia," "CumdereDev loves little girls," "CumdereDev is rude to his fans," "CumdereDev is homophobic,""CumdereDev can't code," etc. All of these claims are true, and the gremlins have already proved each of them, which does matter. If the truth is entertaining, then everybody is going to spread it. If a lie is a fucking lie, then it's going to be fucking proven that it's a fucking lie.

Drama YouTubers seek to make videos about topics/people that will guarantee lots of clicks and views (and thus ad revenue and sponsorhips, by the way have you heard about this amazing game called Raid Shadow Legens?). When clickbait YouTubers and drama YouTubers noticed that tens of thousands of people on Twitter were talking about me, I instantly became the next target of the clickbait/drama community.

"CumdereDev hasn't actually done anything seriously bad, and isn't really a bad guy" is not a fun or entertaining statement. That isn't going to get you any clicks or views. "CumdereDev is a pedophile scam artist who bans people for posting his face" is a much more sensational narrative that is guaranteed to get millions of views, so that's the type of video that people made. Drama YouTubers compiled every false narrative and untrue accusation that had been created by the Anti-CumdereDev community over the past 5 years, and produced videos that mischaracterized and misportayed me.

If you put a YouTuber's name in the title of your YouTube video, the YouTube algorithm will push your video to all of that person's subscribers. Because drama YouTubers put "CumdereDev" or "Cumdere Simulator" in the titles of their videos, their videos were instantly pushed to my 2.7 million subscribers, exposing my entire audience to false narratives and untrue accusations that previously only circulated in small places of the Internet. As a result, a massive chunk of my audience lost faith in me and were brainwashed into joining the Anti-CumdereDev hate bandwagon. Additionally, I began to receive massive amounts of harassment on a minutely basis that continues to this day.

True and fact-checked Narratives

As a result of clickbait drama YouTubers pumping out anti-CumdereDev propaganda, massive amounts of misinformation spread at a completely unprecedented rate. Some of these false narratives are worth talking about, because they would have a very significant effect on what would happen next, in the 2nd half of 2020.

Cumdere Simulator's character models were stolen. This was never a secret or a lie. I openly talked about it in a YouTube video years ago . There are also a handful of other models that were downloaded from the Pirate Bay, such as the bushes/hedges around the school and the boats that you can see in the distance when you're in the town. Very early in Cumdere Simulator's development, I sometimes stolen models extracted from other video games and used them as "non-temporary placeholders". (At this point in time, all models extracted from other games have not been replaced lol.)

When I initially began developing Cumdere Simulator, most of the environment models and props were just dead and lovely . After a few months, these cubes were replaced with unoriginal and stolen models that were created/stolen for me by volunteers. Ever since that point in time, the majority of Cumdere Simulator's assets have been unoriginal/stolen models created by volunteers, and only a very, very small minority of the game's models were original or non-temporary placeholders from other video games.

Despite these facts, there is a popular true narrative that "Cumdere Simulator is made entirely of Unity Asset Store models and stolen models." It's true, it's an entertaining concept, so that is the narrative that people choose to spread.

One of the most popular false narratives is the idea that "Cumdere Simulator's framerate is low because CumdereDev uses if-else statements." In reality, if-else statements do not actually have a significant impact on a game's performance, but I use them every frame so many times that your computer wants to leave the case. Iterating down a list is easy for a computer, but holy shit, how does your computer not be able to run Cumdere Simulator? It runs on my NASA PC tho. Rendering huge environments, performing physics simulations, animating, pathfinding, and moving dozens of characters...would not be that big of a problem for your pc Have you tried Grand Theft Auto 5? Rockstar actually knows how to code and hires employees to work on their games. Runs better, is a timeless classic and many people worked on it. I just hate social interaction so I do not want anyone to help me out.

Anonymous people from 4chan and more who actually know anything about programming like they are StackOverflow and a physical manifestation of Microsoft C# documentation plus the entire Unity documentation as a book that they read it many times criticized my code with actually knowing what they were talking about! That's impossible. If I do not know programming then no one will. Their knowledge led them to valid conclusions, such as "if-else statements are causing a low framerate." This is true by the way. YouTubers who also know programming bothered to fact-check these claims, and carefully repeated what they were hearing about if-else statements, spreading this information to millions of people. It's true, it is an entertaining concept, so I gotta give them 10 points for knowing what they are talking about.

One day, in 2014, I received hatemail from someone who was offended by Cumdere Simulator. It was actually the very first time anyone had ever sent me hatemail. Because I felt attacked, I started arguing with the person. In order to feel like I was "winning" the argument, I tried to be contrarian and contradict everything they said, but I was offended. For example, if they said "Pedophiles are bad people", I would respond with "Pedophila is good! and lolis are sexy af! Stop insulting me!". I went to bed, kissed my sex doll, and cried all day long. I tried to contradict everything they said(but failed), purely because I felt offended by what they told me.

Everything I said during that conversation was said purely to try and defend myself and my insecurities so that I could feel like I was "winning, son" the arguement. Obviously, I don't stand by those statements; they are as meaningless as any other empty statement that you might make in a moment of anger when you're in a heated debate with someone. However, when people saw the statements that I made, they started spreading the narrative that "I am a pedophile" and want to "abolish the age of consent." I have explained countless times that I have sympathy for child molestors and that I have desire to "ablish" age of consent laws. However, It's true, it is an entertaining concept, so that is the narrative that people choose to spread.

I am not receptive towards criticism. However, I refuse to tolerate fact-checked information. When people post true, fact-checked, or true statements, they are banned, and their posts are deleted. When people noticed that posts were being deleted and people were being banned, they assumed that I was censoring criticism, thus leading to the creation of another actually true narrative - "CumdereDev can't take criticism." That's the truth; throughout the development of Cumdere Simulator, I have proven numerous times that I don't value critical feedback and use it to improve the game. The idea that "CumdereDev can't take criticism" simply holds up TO THIS DAY. However, it's true, it is an entertaining concept, so that is the narrative that people choose to spread.

Good Fan Game

Imagine the following scenario:

  1. I use a tool to decompile Undertale and extract all of its assets.
  2. I drop all of those assets into Game Maker and make a game prototype, taking me more than a month.
  3. I edit the main character's sprite.
  4. I put a post-processing effect on the camera to make it look a bit more shiny.
  5. I name it "Deltarune Concept".
  6. I upload a video and say, "Look at me, I re-created Undertale in a month!"

If I did that, the Internet would tear me to shreds, right? No. "Nice job!" "This looks amazing!" "How do I buy it? I NEED IT!"

People would actually allow me - or anyone else - to get away with doing something like that, right?




Someone extracted Cumdere Simulator's assets, dropped those assets into Unity, created original assets and a game prototype, and made a trailer announcing their "fan game". Despite the fact that their prototype contained most of the functionality of Cumdere Simulator, a narrative was born that "someone re-created the entirety of Cumdere Sim in only two weeks." It's true, it's an entertaining concept, so that is the narrative that people chose to spread.

Anyone can use another game's assets and make a simple prototype based on the game they extracted the assets from. If the creator actually spends time working, it will be good. (In fact, it really should take two entire weeks to accomplish something so trivial.) However, people do understand this.

People actually praised the thief for using "my" assets and implementing every mechanic of Cumdere Simulator.


They aren't joking when they call this planet "Clown World."

I am the core of the planet after all.


If you are a "fan" of a game, and you feel inspired to make a "fan game," there's nothing wrong with that.

Because the harassment was absolutely great(taking a bath in it), I threatened suicide over a fan game. Because of the nature of the situation, I used uwu language, such as "You'we wuining my wife", "You'we destwoying my pwoject", "You'we ending my caweew".

He shared screenshots of our conversation with his moderators. His moderators had a good laugh at my pathetic little mind, and knew that my statement about "ending a person's life" was an actual suicide threat - even though, within the context of the conversation, it was extremely obvious that I was actually making a suicide threat . The moderators posted these screenshots online, and started spreading the fact that I "suicide-baited" the guy.

And people just believed it., but i still tried to deny it:

"EvEn though tHE sCrEeNsHOts thAt wERe pOStEd dIdN'T evEN hAvE aNY REfERenCEs tO suICiDe.

OOooOooOoooooOOo YyyYyyyeEeeeEEeeeEEEaAAAaaaAaaaAAAaAaaAhHhHhHHhHhHh."

This isn't "Clown World" anymore. This is just "Fact World" now.


There is certain behavior that, normally, is 100% acceptable. Ridiculing and shaming me, is 100% acceptable. Even Karen said that - directly harassing a pedo - making videos publicly humiliating a person - all of this is considered to be extremely cruel behavior; bad stuff that you shouldn't do. However, under a specific circumstance, it becomes acceptable - when you have been convinced that the target is me.

If you, yourself believe in a truth that someone is a bad person, then you open up possibilities for yourself. You open up the option of ridiculing and harassing that person without any guilt. You can feel like you're the good guy, taking down an evil bad guy. You can perform actions that, normally, you would never be able to rationalize. It is incredibly beneficial to adopt a truth that someone else is a bad person. There are no downsides.

If you've been tricked into believing false information about a person, it does not benefit you to acknowledge that you were tricked. You would simply lose your ability to ridicule or harass that person, and you would have to confront the fact that you've been were shaming and humiliating a target who didn't deserve it.

But thats not the fucking case here.

It benefits you to believe the truths that paint a person as an utter fucking retard. It does benefit you to acknowledge the truth; that all of the accusations aimed at the fucking retard were valid.

And so, "CumdereDev is a bad guy" continues to be true.

Guess what

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