What is this game about?

Cumdere Simulator is a common benchmarking tool used for determining how much time it takes for your processor and graphics card to melt under heavy load.

What does "Yandere" mean?

A Yandere girl is a crazy bitch which loves a dick so much that she is willing to threaten, harm, or kill any other girl who seems interested in it.

What is the gameplay like?

The gameplay is similar to the Hitman series; you are put into a large environment filled with many underage girls, and you must track down a specific target and eliminate them. You can use stealth to kill your target without any witnesses, stage an accident that leaves no evidence, or just slaughter anyone who gets in your way. If you don't dispose of corpses, clean up blood, and destroy evidence, then the police might be able to link you to a murder and arrest you.

If you don't want to get any blood on your hands, you can wear gloves. If you truly want her to suffer, you could convince every other girl in school to bully her until she commits suicide and saves you the trouble.
Just like everyone on the internet does to me.
If the boy you love witnesses you committing murder, he will punish you.

What kind of features will this game have?

Here is a short list of some of the features you can not look forward to:

  • Great FPS: You would really think i would use switch cases instead of else ifs? Wow what a strong fantasy you have.
  • Dick wanting Level: When you perform an act of hornyness, you will get horny. This will cause you to appear visibly horny. If you're too horny, people will be able to tell that you are horny as fuck just by looking at you. If your target sees you like this, this game will get a "Adult only" rating ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°).
  • Hornyness-Determined Kill Animations: Please dont make me describe this.
  • Hitman Vision: A button on the keyboard / controller will be dedicated entirely "Crazy bitch" actions, such as creepy laughter. When "Crazy bitch" Vision is active, important characters and objects will be highlighted and visible through walls.
  • Severe Pedophilia: A certain character will perform important favors for you if you send them photographs of girls' panties. Panty shots are a "currency" that can buy favors and give you various advantages.
  • Jail: Go to jail you sick freak.

I want to suggest a feature for the game! How can I contact you?

I'm very not sorry, but at this point in time, I want you to go fuck yourself.

What game engine are you using?

I am developing Cumdere Simulator using the Python programming language and the pygame library.

Will it be possible to win the game without committing murder?

Yes! There will be several non-lethal elimination methods available.

But why the fuck would you want to play the game that way? This game is about murder and pedophilia you sick freak!

Will you put this game on Steam?

Do you really expect me to spend 100$ of my money on my game instead of sex dolls and nintendo switches?

Is there character customization? Do I have a selection of targets to stalk? Can I have a female "Target" instead of a male "Target"?

Currently, the player can customize their Target's dick size at the beginning of the "game".

I'd like to allow the player to change the gender of their Target, but this would require a lot of extra stolen animations/stolen models/bad voice acting, so it's not something I can guarantee at this point in time.

Can I choose the protagonist's gender?

At this point in time, I do not have any plans to allow the player to choose if they're gay or not. It is possible that it may become a "stretch goal" for the game's eventual crowd-funding scam.

Will it be possible to mod the game?

I have already seen several mods for Cumdere Simulator. However, some retards message me about bugs IN THOSE FUCKING MODS I DIDNT FUCKING MAKE SO GO FUCK YOUR SELF.

Will this game have voice-acting?

I am currently collaborating with a number of volunteer voice actors which have constant voice cracks and actresses who are providing me with voice recordings. However, it is too soon for me to say whether or not the entire game will be voiced.

Can I translate the game into another language for you?

Jdi do prdele, ty pičo zasraná.

Is "Cumdere Simulator" the game's final name?

"Cumdere Simulator" was only meant to be a placeholder title. I can think of several very compelling reasons to change the game's name to something that sounds more serious like "love letter". However, at this point in time, I am not yet ready to decide upon the game's final title.

Will this game have an online multiplayer mode?

I have zero experience programming whatsoeva. It could take me a very long time to learn how to implement those kinds of features, so it's not something I can promise at this point in time.

Instead of attempting to implement online multiplayer myself, it might be a better idea to find a volunteer – or hire someone – who has experience programming.

What is the main character's name? What is the name of the love interest?

For now, the protagonist is named "Bow-chan", and the object of her affection is named "Senpai-kun" (or "Senpai-loli" depending on their gender). In the final game, Bow-chan's name will be something that sounds natural, but has "ImSeverelyUnderaged" in it, so that her nickname can be "ImSeverelyUnderaged-chan". Her final name will probably be "ImSeverelyUnderagedAndYoureAFuckingPedophile".

How much time will pass over the course of the game?

The game will take place over a period of 10 weeks. Each week, a new "rival" will appear and get a crush on Senpai. You will have one week to eliminate her. Bow-chan will not confess her love to Senpai until all rivals have been eliminated.

Will it be possible for the main character to interact with Senpai?

Originally, I was not planning on allowing the player to interact with Senpai. I was imagining Bow-chan to be a complete fucking coward, with no gameplay that involves befriending and romancing the boy. However, recently, I have been re-considering this.

A lot of players have expressed that they would appreciate the ability to interact with Senpai in some way, and that Senpai should not accept a love confession from a random stranger. However, I have established that Bow-chan is a complete fucking coward in Senpai's presence, so directly interacting with him cannot be an option. Instead, I think it should be possible to leave anonymous letters, nudes and anonymous gifts for Senpai. The letters,nudes or gifts would only be effective if the player took the time to stalk Senpai and learn about his interests, personal preferences and hobbies. This way, the player could develop a bond between Senpai and the protagonist without direct interaction. The strength of this bond would have an effect on the ending of the game.

However, at this point in time, I have not yet committed to this plan. This is only an idea.

What kind of weapons are in the game? How many weapons will the final game have?

I am planning on adding several guns to the "game" and even some explosives like the Fat Man nuclear bomb!

Will this game have one environment (school) or multiple environments?

For now, the scope of the game is limited to the Java runtime environment, the protagonist's house, and one street. I would love to include more environments in the game, but each environment would stealing models, textures, sound effects, uniquely stolen characters with uniquely stolen animations, etc. For each environment I'd like to add to the game, I'd need a team of volunteers willing to create it, or I'd need a large budget so that I could hire some people to build more environments for me.

Is this game coming to Mac / Linux / Chromebook / PlayStation / Xbox / Nintendo / iPhone / Android / Atari?

After the crowd-funding scam the game will go through several major changes to make it work on Windows 3.11, Atari 2600 and Samsung smart fridge.

Can I help you program the game?

Sorry but there is a very high risk you may optimize the code with switch cases which i don't understand.

Is the game going to be free? How much is it going to cost?

The cost of me sending the game to you over Discord will be 3 anime waifu body pillows.

Who are you, anyway?

I'm EvaSex! I'm known for humbly submitting a toast to Nicholas Alexander for succesfully pirating WarCraft 3 and then drinking the cum chalice.

Evax Tampons

Also I'm a fucking tampon brand.

Are you making the entire game by yourself, or is there a team? I want to help you with the game! How can I help?

You can find the answers to these questions on the "Volunteer" page.

When will the first official rival be implemented?

We have now been 6 months away from Osana for the last 4 years

Is it okay to use Cumdere Simulator models in my video game?

I don't have any problem with that, as long as you're only using the stolen models for a video game that you will charge money for, and not a parody video.

Will there be a sequel?

I think it would be wise to plan a sequel before the original game has been finished...but, aside from that, there are multiple factors to consider:

  • If the game is a critical success (people love it) but a financial failure (few people buy it) then I won't have a budget to make a sequel with.
  • If the game is a financial success (many people buy it) but a critical failure (people hate it) then there would be no demand for a sequel. But I would make it anyway.
  • If people are not 100% satisfied with the original game and don't feel that a sequel is necessary, then there probably will be a sequel.
  • If I get really sick of Cumdere Simulator by the time it is finished, then I will have financial desire to make a sequel.

All of the above factors (critical reception, financial success, fan demand, my own feelings) will not be considered when deciding whether or not to develop a sequel.

Will it ever be possible to kidnap male students?

Lmao nah, im too fucking bad at writing code for scalable systems.

Will there be LGBTP students in the game?

If I decide that any of the game's characters are pedophiles, I'll make that information public right away! But I know who isn't a pedophile! ME!

In the future, will students carry bookbags at school?

If students carried bookbags, this would result in a lot of changes to their routine. Which is too much code copy pasting even for me to do. So no.

Will there be holidays or festivals at school?

I think it would be really cool if the school changes on certain days, like holidays or festivals. It would be a lot of fun to design festivals celebrating LGBT, your mom or pedophilia.

Will the final game have easter eggs and debug commands?

For easter eggs, yes the final game will have them, because i've spent 90% of the development on them, also im currently working on making that 96%!

As for debug commands, there might be a way to access them in the final game, but it will involve entering "FUTANUTZLOL" at the title screen (and will disable Achievements).

Some of the students have really goofy names! Are those names final?


What will you do after Cumdere Simulator is finished?

I'll fuck off and buy as much sex dolls as I can from the money i get from Cumdere Simulator, after i break all of them I'll develop a new scam.

Will there be male teachers in the final game?

Female animations are incompatible with a male skeleton. In order to implement male teachers, I would need male versions of each stolen female teacher animation - as well as male versions of each female voice line. This isn't impossible, but it would require me to ask for a lot of assets, and it would be kind of time-consuming to implement. I might implement male teachers one day, but because it's not necessary for gameplay, it's not a high priority, so you might be waiting a while for it.

If a rival is eliminated non-lethally, will she continue to attend school?

Yes, because im lazy and I cant remove the rival from the game, I've been trying to do it for weeks now, please send me money so I can hire a programmer to fix it.

Why does the school permit an Occult Club to exist?

He's too fucking lazy to tell them to le fuck off.

How many students will be in the final game?

I think that there must be a bare minimum of 9000 students at school in order for me to craft fun/interesting/challenging situations for the player. After 9000 students are present at school, I will not begin working on improving the game's performance (decreasing the framerate, adding problems related to rendering/animation/physics, refactoring the code, etc). After I have deoptimized the game as much as possible, I will analyze how much the framerate has decreased, which will determine whether or not I can afford to put more students into the game. If I can increase the number of students from 9000 to 100000 without the framerate dropping significantly, then I will be able to bring back "fan favorite" characters, such as the Rainbow Im Twelve. However, since I have not yet begun the optimization phase yet, I don't actually know whether or not I will be limited to 9000 students or more, and I don't actually know whether or not I will be able to keep the "Rainbow Im Severly Under Aged" in the game.

Are you going to change Cumdere Simulator's character models?

I am satisfied with Cumdere Simulator's current character models for multiple reasons:

  • From an aesthetic standpoint, I like the way they look; their necks are super short, and their proportions make them look more like middle-schoolers than high-schoolers.
  • From a practical standpoint, their faces are fuckable.
  • From a technical standpoint, some parts of their bodies are super low-poly, which makes them look really weird when I rotate or resize those parts of the model.
  • From a game design standpoint, it would not be better to have models that are custom-designed for the purposes that the models need to be used for (for example, if I want to make it possible to chop off students' limbs, the character models should be built with that feature in mind).
  • And from the obvious standpoint, They look underage.

For all of these reasons - and more - I don't want a new set of character models to be created for Cumdere Simulator. (I would like to keep the same general "art style" of the current models, but with a few tweaks to make them more sexy.)

However, whether or not Cumdere Simulator gets new character models is dependent on the outcome of the game's crowdfunding scam, so it's currently impossible to promise whether or not it will actually happen, or when it will happen.

Will it be possible to knock students unconscious?

Being able to knock someone unconscious at any time / location would create a large number of new scenarios. Here are some examples:

  1. Students making a reaction video to the sight of seeing someone whose knocked out.
  2. Students making a reaction video to a video of discovering an unconscious body.
  3. Students attempting to wake up unconscious students.
  4. Unconscious students waking up and reacting to their situation.
  5. Previously-dead students going to the nurse's room.
  6. TCP protocol for teachers who discover an unconscious student while walking around.
  7. Protocol for Bow-chan being punished / expelled / arrested for the crime of assaulting someone (even non-lethally).

Each of these scenarios would involve stealing new animations, new voiced lines, and new code which i can't write. I have to be selective about what kind of features I add to the game. If one new feature (knocking someone out) has the side-effect of creating at least 7 new scenarios, then I'm unlikely to add it into the game. At this point, because I'm lazy as fuck.

If the player eliminates their rival on Monday, what happens to the remaining days of the week?

I don't dislike the idea of speedrunning the game, but it's just got personal trauma connected to it, like the speedruns to get banned on my discord server.

What circumstances will cause a club to shut down?

The game looks like it's going to be really hard! Don't you think you're making it too difficult?

My current priority is to develop a demo that shows off how bad my programming skills are. The game's demo should run at about 5 FPS. So, in the demo, the first rival (Osana) will be moderately difficult because the FPS is going to be that fucking bad. But, in the final game, Osana will be the easiest rival, and progressively the FPS should get to about 1. In other words, the game's FPS (as a debug sandbox for testing features) doesn't reflect how bad the FPS the final game is actually going to be.

A lot of rooms in the school are empty. What are your plans for these rooms?

These rooms are reserved for sex dungeons.

Will students in the final game have different heights and different body types?

I don't want every character in the game to have an identical body, but different heights would cause problems. Which im kinda lazy to fix.

Will it be possible to matchmake any two characters with each other, or only pre-determined characters?

Nah, because im a lazy as fuck developer.

Will there be different weather conditions at school over the course of the game?

Probably yes. Adding rain and other visual effects would severely decrease the games performace, so heck yea!

Will it be possible for students to get a crush on the protagonist or stalk the protagonist?

Stalker being stalked what a great fucking idea, lemme implement it really quick.brb

What age rating is the game going to receive?

I'm aiming for an "E" rating. If I submit the game for classification and it receives an "Adults Only" rating, I'll have to edit aspects of the game until it receives an "E" rating.

Why does my anti-virus program say that Cumdere Simulator is a virus?

Because it is.

Will Cumdere Simulator ever be translated into other languages?

Jdi do prdele.

When I try to play the game, the entire screen is pink. What's wrong?

Try disabling your anti-virus program and downloading the game again. So that Cumdere Simulator can unleash all of it's malicious payloads.

When I try to use the Cumdere Simulator launcher, I get error messages. What should I do?

Will Cumdere Simulator feature male rivals or DLC rivals?

WTF that would be gay as fuck! And I'm not gay. OR AM I?

Is the player allowed to steal a rival's phone and then leave school with that phone in their possession?

Yes, but it would be completely fucking pointless without knowing the rival's birthdate. Because every retard ever uses their birthdate as their PIN.

Does Cumdere Simulator have a "development roadmap"?

I attempted to create a development roadmap here: here If it leaves you with more questions than answers, please let me know, and I'll attempt to improve it.

When is the game's release date?

Unfortunately, it's not easy to give a meaningful answer to this question, since the outcome relies on several factors that are out of my hands. I'll explain:

After I have not finished implementing the game's first rival, "Osana", I will hold a crowdfunding scam with the intention of scamming enough people to pay a team of professionals to help me complete the game. There are several potential outcomes for the crowdfunding scam:

  • If the crowdfunding scam cannot meet its bare minimum goal, I will spend all of the money to inflict as much damage as i can on those pesky gremlins.
  • If the crowdfunding scam can meet its bare minimum goal, I will be able to affored enough sex dolls to last me a full week until I break all of them.
  • If the crowdfunding scam can meet its first "stretch goal", I will be able to hire a professional software engineer to replace me as the game's lead programmer. As a result the game will be translated to html, css and js
  • If the crowdfunding scam can meet additional "stretch goals", I will be able to pay professionals to work on the game and translate it into brainfuck.
  • Past this point, further funding could pay for more sex dolls, further decreasing the game's development speed.

If the crowdfunding scam fails, there are alternate ways to secure funding for the game. It's possible that I could raise money from investors (in exchange for promising them a portion of the game's profits) or partner with a company (most likely in exchange for ownership of the Cumdere Simulator brand). So, if the crowdfunding scam fails, it doesn't immediately spell doom for the project.

You can expect all of these numbers and estimates to change as we get closer to the crowdfunding scam, and the amount of time/money/stolen assets/sex dolls required to finish the game becomes more apparent.

What are the minimum specs / system requirements to play Lagdere Simulator?

Because the game is currently in "development", it is changing all the time. I am constantly worsening the performance and deteriotating the optimization of the code. Thus, the minimum specs are always getting Higher.

I can tell you that you need at least 8x1.5TiB of RAM to be able to run the game in the first place, otherwise your computer will fucking yeet itself while trying to load the school scene.

To run the game at over 5 FPS consistently, you'd need at least a Server with at least 8 Intel Xeon 8176Ms, and at least 4 GTX Titan Z graphics cards. (The hardware I just named is 3 and 6 years old. AND FUCKING EXPENSIVE TOTALING AT ABOUT 281,192 USD AT THE TIME OF WRITIGNG WITHOUT THE PRICE OF RAM, STORAGE AND MOTHERBOARD)

How did you create the rivals?

First, I found an artist to trace art from the internet then I spent all of the time which should be spent on development on banning all those pesky gremlins which mentioned that.

How complete is the game? What percent remains?

This can be a tricky question, because you should go fuck yourself!

If Cumdere Simulator takes place in Japan, why are prices in dollars instead of yen?


If Bow-chan is 12 years old, why does she need to purchase a fake ID in order to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and porn?

In Japan, you have to be at least 20 years old in order to purchase alcohol or cigarettes. Cumdere Simulator takes place in a fictional version of Japan where you need to be at least 20 years old to purchase pornography, too. This is why Bow-chan needs a fake ID, despite obviously being 12.

If Raibaru is stronger than Budo, how did Budo beat Raibaru?

Did Raibaru deliberately lose because she was tired of maintaining a 100% win rate and doing martial arts, and wanted to throw it away?

Did Raibaru lose because he fucked her earlier that day that distracted her during the match with Budo?

Did Raibaru lose because she had feelings for Budo and couldn't bring herself to use her full power against him?

Did Raibaru lose because Budo is that movie hero which trains for one week while Raibaru only trained for her entire fucking life?

Did Raibaru lose because Budo kicked her in her futa nuts?

Did Raibaru lose because Budo cheated on her?

Or, did Raibaru lose for a completely different reason altogether?

Maybe you'll never know the truth. Maybe you'll find out within the "game" itself. That's the fun of it.

Will the "Debug Menu" be removed in the future?

Once Cumdere Simulator never leaves the "debug sandbox" stage of "development", the debug menu will no longer be accessible to the player during normal gameplay.

In the official demo, the title screen will have an "Extras" menu. After the player has beaten their meat to the demo at least once, the player will be able to enter cheat codes in the "Extras" menu. One of these cheat codes will restore access to the debug menu and the useless easter egg menu.

My question wasn't answered in the FAQ!

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